What our customers are saying

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic these Bumpa Mats™ are. I have been searching the market for many years for a product to replace the dreaded rug and this certainly ticks all the boxes for my team. It is soft, spongy and comfortable to sit on, the corners do not roll and the best part is that they can be mopped. My team are sick of trying to scrape play dough from rugs, from lifting heavy rugs to shake the sand out and from vacuuming. Best of all, the price is amazing. Thank you for finding a solution to the dreaded rug which looks amazing and is a real feature both indoors and out.
Julianne Sharan, Owner/Director of Happy Faces Child Care Centre. Trainer/Presenter for Centre Support Pty Ltd

Once we purchased our first Bumpa Mat™ we knew we needed more, I only wish I knew about them years ago.
Anita Millar

Five star product: clever, safe, stylish and once you have one... You'll want another.
Leash Edwards

We have a Bumpa Mat™ in our child care centre and it has proven to be so handy! It has no signs of damage despite daily use from a lot of children.The car mat side is the most popular, holding up beautifully with abuse from cars, trucks, dinosaurs and whatever else can be 'driven' on the roads. It is perfect for outdoor play too with a quick hose off being all it needs before it's ready to come back inside.
Rachel Nelson

I started my family day care centre this year and after buying all my pretty nylon pile mats, I very soon realised they weren't quite appropriate for having babies and toddlers on them all day. From the water spills and hanging the mats up to dry, to sand everywhere, and the children's Velcro shoes sticking to them, I knew I needed an alternative. I came across Bumpa Mats™ and was instantly sold on how great they sounded (and looked!). The children absolutely loved my first purchase, and I loved how comfortable they were for me (and the kids) to sit on, and how easy they were to clean and look after. Since then, I have replaced all my mats with Bumpa Mats™, and my room looks beautiful. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love them and how much easier my job is because of them!
Carly at Sharing Stories Early Education and Care

The Bumpa Mat™ is honestly a life changing product! Anyone with children knows how difficult it is to keep traditional rugs clean and tidy, the thick and long lasting Bumpa Mat™ just needs a wipe down to look and smell brand new. Our play corner looks amazing and I can easily flip the mat to the gorgeous chevron print side if I am in the mood for something a little more grown up. It is perfect inside or outside, anywhere you need to protect little knees and satisfy growing minds. Customer service is outstanding and their products just the same, I don't hesitate to recommend Bumpa Mats™ to family and friends. You won't be disappointed!
Courtney Smith

Having tiled floors in my daughter's playroom, I needed something that was soft, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. The Bumpa Mat™ ticked all of these boxes. I had a woollen rug before, and after the first spilt lunch I realised how unpractical it was. The Bumpa Mat™ was my saviour. I can wipe away any spills without any fuss, and can easily be vacuumed or swept over. The best part- I got the one with the city car track on it, so not only does it brighten up her play space - it actually adds another element for her to play with.
Kim Jarrett

I started FDC in February this year - I used my existing shag rug but it was a trap for odours & didn't vacuum well. Moved on to the alphabet mats but Oh.My.Lord the time and effort picking them up/putting them back together after every clean was a nightmare. Finally I found Bumpa Mats™! Now I have the most gorgeous mat that is so easy to keep clean. The kids love it - my babies are tumble safe on it, and the design is beautiful and sits lovely in my home to be enjoyed even on non day care days.
Jodanna Goddard

Absolutely love Bumpa Mats™. The favourite is the Belonging Being Becoming. With such calming colours the FDC children love relaxing on this mat. It is also where we have our story time. Best of all they are so easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth. Also have the gorgeous car track Bumpa Mat™ too. After 23 years of Family Day Care these would have to be the best purchases I have made. Love them and will definitely buy more.
Julie Newlands