Why Bumpa Mats™ is a brand you can trust

Bumpa Mats™ play mats have led the way in soft and safe yet durable flooring 
solutions for child care centres across Australia since 2009.

Loved for their reversible nature that quickly moves a classroom between playtime and quieter times, it was with input from early years teachers that we have been able to design activity tracks that are supportive of a child's learning journey through a play based environment.

Being so easy to clean and keep clean means that Bumpa Mats™ provide a flooring solution that supports keeping children healthy and well by minimising the spread of germs.

Bumpa Mats are non toxic and certified safe from BPA, Pthalates and Formamide  - offering total peace of mind that children really are in good hands!

For more information on Bumpa Mats™ and having them placed in your child care centre, please get in touch:


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