Frequently asked questions


Bumpa Mats™ are used throughout the commercial early learning/education sector which is testament to their safety, quality and durability.

To supply the commercial child care market, Bumpa Mats™ need to adhere to strict safety guidelines. Please be assured, they are non-toxic and SAFE from formamide, phthalates & BPA.

NOTE: low prices may equal an inferior product, our business model has been to find the best quality materials and therefore best quality end product. Please be mindful of alternative brands and the inflated prices or average materials.

Where are Bumpa Mats™ made?

Bumpa Mats™ are made in a specialist facility in Korea. This has been specifically chosen because it is able to manufacture to strict design preferences as well as meeting all of the requirements to satisfy the rigourous European, UK and Australian testing, quality and safety standards.

A recognisable diamond embossed surface helps to identify our unmatched quality versus other brands manufactured elsewhere.

What are Bumpa Mats™ made of?

Bumpa Mats are manufactured with embossed, cushioned PVC. They have been tested, certified and accredited safe from BPA, phthalates and formamide. They also carry certification from the Australian NHMRC - National Health and Medical Research Council.  

My Bumpa Mat™ has some creases. What should I do?

Once unrolled you may find that your Bumpa Mat™ will have some creases or is slightly curled at the end. This is due to packaging and storage, and normally nothing permanent to worry about. Once unrolled and laid flat, any creases or curls will flatten and even out. Flipping the Bumpa Mat™ from side to side and applying weight to any lifts overnight (with something flat like an upside down footstool) usually helps to speed up the process. This usually doesn't take more than a couple of days or so. In warmer environments, the flattening out tends to happen quicker due to the elasticity of the product. If things have not rectified within 5 days, please contact us with some photos to show what is happening and we will do our best to advise. 
The mats may contain minimal odour when first opened, but it will disperse. They are non-toxic so the smell is not indicative of harmful substance, only that they have been packaged for some period of time. 

How do I care for my Bumpa Mat™?

As a busy parent or early childhood teacher you will be pleased to know that Bumpa Mats™ are durable and do not require any special treatment. They are very easily cleaned with a damp cloth and any gentle cleaning solution.
The following are a few tips to help ensure you get the most from your new Bumpa Mat™:
  • Harsh chemicals and brushes may damage the surface.
  • Highly concentrated colours/paints may stain the surface.
  • Refrain from using vacuum cleaners on the mat as these can scratch the surface. Using the brush setting may be okay, but this is at the owner's risk. Steam mop is okay.
  • Avoid direct contact with heat and avoid leaving in the sunlight for long periods of time. The images on your mat may deteriorate with too much sun (UV) exposure.
  • Do not leave your mat under heavy furniture, as furniture legs can damage the mat.
  • To keep your mat in good condition, remove shoes when using it.

Can I use my Bumpa Mat™ outside?

Yes! Bumpa Mats™ make a great safe surface for any decking or garden area and can also be used on your grass.
  • Do check that there are no sharp objects below your mat that might pierce or damage the surface before placing it down.
  • We suggest rolling your Bumpa Mat™ up and bringing it inside overnight to avoid any discoloration from the sun or damage from damp or wet conditions. 
  • Bumpa Mats™ can withstand numerous accidents from little ones, a damp sponge or even a light spray from a hose, but they are not waterproof so cannot be immersed in water for long periods or left out in the rain. 

What guarantees or warranties do I get with my Bumpa Mat™?

When our care guide is followed, there is no reason that your Bumpa Mat™ shouldn't easily last a lifetime!

We're confident we've sourced the very best manufacturers for Bumpa Mats™ and that our quality is unmatched and of the highest standards.

Every Bumpa Mat™ sold comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.